Fitness, Focus, Freestyle, Fun


We provide cross training and fitness programs designed with safety as top priority, tailored to meet your individual performance goals. Although we use the latest canine cross-fit equipment, our programs do not rely on specialized apparatus, but rather use items that you would have at home or that can be purchased locally. 

Musical Freestyle

Canine Musical Freestyle and Rally Free provide a convenient venue for fitness, precision, proprioception, and enhanced teamwork for all canine athletes. We provide both foundation and advanced training in freestyle skills development and choreography. Besides the integrated cross-training and relationship-building benefits, it's just plain fun.

Team Building

Teamwork and a strong relationship is the foundation for all sports activities with our dogs. We can work with individuals one-on-one to troubleshoot and deliver foundation skills and games that build team focus and increase bonding.

Services include:
  • Canine Fitness programs - individual, group, and workshops
  • Musical Freestyle and Rally Free - individual, group, and workshops
  • Focus coaching and relationship building - one on one coaching in engagement and focus
  • Jump skills training - foundation and competition training in building excellent jump form and strength
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